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Enhancing Value and Sonoran Livability—One Classy “Home Makeover” at a Time

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Martha’s mission is to design living spaces that express her client’s personalities; interpreting their individual and innermost visions. The completed projects are a reflection of visual balance, harmony, and comfort, which speaks to one’s spirit and welcomes one’s soul. From inception to completion, Martha will work you through organizing your ideas and expressing your individuality, making the experience rewarding and enjoyable.

For most of us, our home is our relaxing safe haven—and at the same time, it is also a major portion of our financial resources.  But often, as our needs and wants change, we look around and realize that it no longer inspires us. That’s where interior decorator Martha Andrighetti comes in with Andrighetti Design Group’s “Total Home Make-over.” The result of this collaboration increases the value of your Real Estate portfolio as it brings the ‘zing’ back in to your living environment.

Martha insists, however, she can guide the process of updating and improving a home without breaking the bank. “As I get to know clients, I weave their ideas into my space-planning and design, while factoring in the functionality vs. the practicality of the choices we are exploring. Large or small, we always have budget considerations in mind,” continues Martha, “but our firm has the purchasing savvy to include that “Wow” factor that pulls all of the design elements together. People often think that ‘Big Box’ stores are their cheapest option, but we offer a dynamic range of options at virtually the same price point.”

Any kind of make-over is a transition of sorts—a process that enhances and improves on the original ‘bones’ of a living space. “Our design team is most effective when we consult with clients at the beginning of an project.”  Every elegant design starts with the color palette, and we can be retained to only advise on just new color choices to freshen a space.  But with a consultation that also factors in the client’s lifestyle, space planning, use of natural light as well as color, we can help a client manage the transition from tired and dated to a fresh and timeless.

Well-designed bath, kitchen and home office upgrades not only add value to a home, but can make these essential living areas more functional, attractive and easy to maintain. Design, planning, integration and oversight by the Andrighetti Designs results in top quality modifications done in a timely manner.

“I am proud that none of my designs are ever the same, and I enjoy hearing a delighted client say ‘I love my space all over again every time I walk in the door.”


  • Graduate of Kendall School of Design

  • ASID – Symphony Show Houses

  • March of Dimes – Gourmet Gals

  • Hospice of Northern Virginia – Show House

  • Fountain Hills – Home and Holiday Tours

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